Here you will find a collection of guides to good practice that  will offer you advice in carrying out the main activities expected of you in your job. They are constantly being revised and updated so if you do print a guide out please remember to check back from time to time.

We also include links to resources that will be of use to staff. Some of these are on the Parliamentary Intranet and can only be accessed if you have an appropriate login.

Current Guides

Support in Your Job

Guides to Parliament

The Library

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Your MP

Researcher Extraordinaire

General Elections

Who’s Who

In the Constituency

Online Presence

Groups which staff can join




W4MP Archive

W4MP has been in operation since 2000 and we have published hundred of guides in that time. Many of these have been superseded and removed from our main site, but they can be consulted on our archive site. These are for research purposes and should not be relied upon as a guide to current practice.


Our light-hearted alt.guides are also available for your delectation and delight


Other Online Resources

Many additional resources are available to MPs staff, including: