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So you are interested in case management software?  A number of case management software products are available from private suppliers.  Each of these is different and geared to meet a particular need, so it is important that you know exactly what use you want to make of the product before you buy.  Costs can vary hugely, too, so it pays to do some research before you buy.  For example, find an MP’s office which uses the product which interests you, and ask how it works for them.

Before deciding to use any of these, please consult the Parliamentary Digital Service to ensure compatibility with software supplied by the House of Commons.

Here are brief details of some of the products commonly available. In addition, there are a number which are developed specifically for use by solicitors.

Inclusion in this list does not imply any sort of approval, and you are recommended to undertake your own enquiries.  Again, please verify with the supplier.

Packages we are aware of are: is a cloud-based Casework Management software designed specifically for MPs, and is used by many MPs across 9 political parties.

As a cloud-based system there is no software to install.  This  means the system will work on any device including home computers, Apple Macs, iPads and Android Tablets and smartphones.  Built using the latest Internet technologies with a modern easy to use interface, is the next generation of Casework Management software.

Key features include:

  • Built at web scale, meaning lightning quick searches and no waiting around;
  • Secure, uses the same encryption as internet banking as well as two-factor authentication;
  • No need to sync between Westminster and the constituency.  You are always using the latest data;
  • Centrally-updated Ministerial database including ministerial email contacts;
  • Full third party contacts system allowing letters to be auto populated with constituent and recipient information;
  • Electoral Register integration speeds up data input;
  • Advanced automation means automatic roll searches, auto assignment of emails to existing cases and intelligent auto-suggest;
  • Integrated inbox means that you capture information about constituents and their case whilst replying to emails.  No more replying to an email and then logging the constituent and case  in a separate programme;
  • Detailed and easy to use statistics system allows tracking of case types and staff workload as well as trends over time;
  • Integrated bulk email system with easy to use segmentation and exports;
  • Digital letters, send digitally signed letters on your own letterhead to ministers, third parties and constituents. No more envelope stuffing!

Price: £250 setup, plus a £500 annual hosting and support fee.  It is also possible to transfer your existing data over from another provider.


Contact: Elected Technologies on or 0333 344 1225


This case management software is the all-in-one solution for councillors, MLAs, AMs, MPs, MSPs and unions.  It’s a notebook, address book, email inbox, diary and filing system rolled into one: a place to collect cases, keep track of everyone’s input and solve problems efficiently.  The web-based casework software is hosted in the cloud, meaning you can manage your cases anytime, anywhere on your computer, tablet and smartphone.

Key benefits:

  • Quick and easy to manage casework through our user-friendly interface
  • Powerful search means you can find any case, contact, message or file in a flash
  • Timely reminders and notifications to follow-up with constituents and officers
  • All your tools in once place – no more switching between different applications
  • Cloud-based system available everywhere you go, with everything in sync on all devices
  • All data stored in the UK and Ireland – no EU/US data transfers
  • Unrivalled account protection and data encryption in transit and at rest
  • Unlimited file storage

Price: £6.25 per month or £60 per year.  They offer a  free 30-day trial.

Contact: Live chat on the website, or email or telephone 020 7733 4712

 AIMS Advice & Information Management System

The AIMS case management software is produced by Lasa and is widely used by large local authorities, welfare rights services, including Macmillan welfare rights services, national telephone help lines, carers centres, Community and Voluntary Services and small community groups.  A new free version of AIMS is available for immediate download from

The AIMS system provides:

  • easy to use and ready to go case management
  • completely configurable client, problems, work and outcome details
  • a suite of standard and design your own reports
  • enables document linking and Word integration
  • advanced features include automatic reminders, room booking diary, linking third parties, mass communication tools and lots more…

We offer training throughout the year, provide telephone, email and web site support.

Price:               FREE

Contact:         Phone: 020 7377 2806

Website: which includes information on training, support and upgrades. You can also download a demonstration.

CFL Caseworker

Previously supplied by Computing for Labour, CFL Caseworker is no longer available and is no longer supported.