Members’ Staff Security Clearance and Pre-Employment Check Questionnaire


A security pass is required by everyone working on the parliamentary estate, requiring access to the parliamentary network or being given access to sensitive parliamentary information.

Applicants for National Security Vetting are expected to have lived in the UK for a sufficient period of time to allow meaningful security clearance to be carried out.  For Parliament, there is an expectation that applicants will have lived in the UK for at least three out of the last five years before becoming eligible for Counter Terrorist Check (CTC) clearance.  CTC clearance is mandatory for all staff accessing the Parliamentary Estate or the Parliamentary Network.

Security clearance must be completed before a contract of employment can be offered, so applicants are advised not to hand in their notice with their current employer until confirmation of security clearance has been received.

Upon appointment you will be required to apply for security clearance, undertaken by the Security Vetting and Pass Office. They also deal with renewals.

You can find further details on the Parliamentary Security Department on the Parliament website. Those with a Parliamentary login can find further information about security vetting on ParliNet.