Guide to Submitting Jobs

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How much does it cost?

w4mpjobs is a FREE service – yes, we don’t charge for ads! However, we do have limited resources so PLEASE help us keep our costs down by keeping ads AS BRIEF AS POSSIBLE. If you are already advertising the post on your own website, just submit basic details to us with a link to full info on your website – but please make sure that the information is on your website and links are working correctly before submitting the ad to us.

Who can advertise?

Whilst we are primarily a service to MPs and their staff, we broadly welcome all ads with a political dimension. However, we have to have boundaries so please check the details of  ads we DON’T accept .

Use the form on w4mpjobs to submit an ad

If you wish to submit an advert to w4mp please use the Submit a Job Advert form We do not accept ads submitted in any other way. You need to use this form each time you submit an ad.

If you are new to w4mp, please have a look at our list of currently available jobs before submitting your ad . This will give you an idea of how your ad is going to look and the information we need.

The form is easy to use if you follow the instructions. Please put only the information requested in each box and do not repeat information. If you do not fill out the boxes correctly or leave out information we may need to contact you and this will delay the posting of your ad.

Whilst we are primarily a service to MPs and their staff, we broadly welcome all ads with a political dimension. However, we have to have boundaries so see here for ads we DON’T accept:

 Multiple ads from the same organisation

If you have similar posts to advertise, please do not submit these as separate ads. Put them all together in one ad with concise information about each post in the Job Details section. Then include a link (or links) to fuller information about each post on your own website. The exceptions to this are when some posts are paid and others not, or some posts are in London and others elsewhere – submit those separately. Please don’t try to circumvent this request by submitting ads on consecutive days – we are wise to this!

If you are unsure how to do this, please view our example here: Example of Submitting Multiple Ads as One

 Formatting ads

The WYSIWYG boxes enable you to submit the text as you want it to appear in the ad. Please note that when information is cut and pasted into the boxes you may lose the formatting. It is therefore very important that you use the formatting tools at the top of the boxes to indicate lists, bullets etc as we will NOT add these for you.

Useful tip: text pasted into Notepad and then transferred into the ad from there gets rid of many of the formatting problems that occur when copying and pasting directly from Word or the web.

 Closing date

Please use the calendar to select the closing date.

 Application details box

This is the one that is wrongly filled in most frequently. Please remember to state what applicants need to send (CV, covering letter, application form, other), how they get hold of an application form if one is needed and MOST IMPORTANTLY where they need to send it – please do not forget to include an e-mail or other address. If there are application details on your website, all you need to do in this section is give a link to these details.

Finally, please let us have your name and a contact e-mail address and telephone number in case we need to contact you about your ad. These details are not for publication but please make sure they are correct. If we can’t contact you about any problems we will not be able to upload your ad to the jobs pages.

You’ll find a re-CAPTCHA at the end of the form which will protect us from spam.


We accept adverts for paid internships with a political element. However, unless the internship pays above Real Living Wage/London Living Wage we will not accept roles where the salary is obscured with ‘competitive’ or similar.

Changes to Ads

If you notice an error or need to change an advert after it has been published, please email with full details. Always include the job reference so we can find your advert quickly

Please note

  • We do not send confirmation e-mails when ads are published. It’s up to you to check that your ad has gone live. During the working week this will normally happen within 24 hours of submission.
  • By submitting the Submit a Job Ad form you consent to our copying an appropriate logo/graphic from your website. If you want us to use another logo email it to us via
  • When contacting us about an advert which is on the website use and always let us know the ad reference number.
  • Things do sometimes go wrong. Always keep a copy of your ad in case of mishap. Our system does not allow us to e-mail a copy of the ad back to you.

Still not sure that w4mpjobs is right for you? Hear what some others have said:

“We got the perfect person for the job. There were over 100 applicants and every one of them could do the job. I will highly recommend your website to anyone I meet who is looking for a job or staff.”

“We had a staggering number of responses from many very well qualified candidates and I am very grateful to you for the excellent service you provide.”

“After many years searching for a paid political job, checking the site almost every day and doing a couple of internships, I have finally been able to find a job which was advertised on the site. For that as well as the unique employment resource you provide, I shall be eternally grateful.”

“We found using the w4mp site invaluable in the search for a graduate to join our team. The response was unprecedented in terms of sheer numbers, but also with the strength of candidates found. Using w4mp meant that most of the people responding to the ad had the relevant Westminster experience required for our position. We were so impressed by the response we took the ad down two weeks before the closing date. It made the search much easier and we would definitely use w4mp in the future.”

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