Online resources from the Commons Library


The House of Commons subscribes to a range of commercial websites and databases, which are made available via the Parliamentary Intranet to all Parliamentary Network users.

Examples include news monitoring resources; case law and statute databases, biographical reference; and journals and periodicals;

These services are listed on the library services page on the intranet.

If you wish to add any of these services to your Favourites please bookmark the intermediate access page, rather than the service itself, as passwords / access arrangements may change from time to time.

Some services only allow a limited number of users at one time.  This is determined by the terms of the Library’s subscriptions to different services.  If you get an error message that the maximum number of users has been exceeded please try again later.

Please note that the Library does not have any control over the content, search software or frequency of updating of information.  The Library reviews usage of its online services; from time to time a subscription may be discontinued and new services may be added to the intranet.