List of current MPs elected to Parliament following the 2019 General Election


A simple list of all the MPs currently elected to Parliament is available on the public website: and you can search by name or by constituency

There is a much more detailed facility available on the Parliamentary intranet – the Members Names Information Service (MNIS) is a House database which lists Members details for the Commons and Lords.

It gives an overview of the current state of the parties, lists of current and previous members, includes biographical information, the register of Commons and of Lords Interests and includes a list of staff employed in the Lords.  You should also contact MNIS to update your Member’s or Peer’s biography pages.

You can also view the Library’s research paper Members 1979-2010which lists all of the Members during that time period in alphabetical order, and includes brief biographical details.

Downloadable lists of contact details for MPs and Peers

Those on the intranet should also visit the Commons Library site and check out Dods People (just look in the A-Z listing) which gives a full bio of each MP and a profile of their constituency.  It also allows you to export a CSV of the contact details of all MPs, MSPs, AMs, MLAs and Peers.  Note, if you are in the constituency, do not use the link to ‘Log in when working remotely’ as it won’t work – just use the normal ‘log in’ link.