Notes for agencies


w4mpjobs runs on a very modest budget with a hard-working staff providing a valuable and important service to staff of MPs and others interested in careers in politics and public service. We do not charge for the adverts placed with us, even though we know that agencies who put ads on the site are charging their clients, as we are keen to ensure that those who visit w4mpjobs see the widest range of posts and are able to develop their careers.

In order to manage the flow of ads and ensure that we can continue to deliver the high level of service that jobseekers expect from us we have a number of policies in place, and we review these regularly.

Our statistics have shown a small but constant increase in the number of ads placed by agencies, and in order to manage this flow we limit the number of live ads placed by an individual agency to ten. We also require that every ad contains a link to a full description of the job either on the agency site or on the client site.

To summarise:

  • We will publish no more than 10 adverts from any one agency at any time.
  • We will give priority to correcting ads that are not from agencies.
  • We continue to offer a free service to all.

Completing our ‘Submit a Job Advert’ Form Correctly

All ads submitted by agencies must follow the instructions on our Submit a Job Advert form to the letter. This includes:

  • Putting all information in the correct box and putting only the information requested in that box
  • Not repeating information
  • Including a link to information about the post on the agency or client website. This information should go in the Job Details box or the Application Details box as appropriate.
  • Putting, at the bottom of the advert where it is requested, a home page address (not any other website address). This address should be either the home page of the advertising agency or, if the ad is not anonymous, the home page of the client.

It seems reasonable to expect professional recruitment staff to be able to read the clear instructions on our Submit a Job Advert form and follow them. If the form is not properly filled in we will not contact you to tell you and your advert will not be posted .