Peers for the Planet


Peers for the Planet was launched in January 2020 to bring together members of the House of Lords who want to put a response to critical environmental threats at the top of the political agenda.  It works across political groups and will last for a fixed term of ten years which will be decisive in determining the extent to which we are able to address the twin threats of climate change and biodiversity loss.

The UK House of Lords has significant power as a second chamber to both initiate and alter legislation and to use its global standing to partner with other Parliaments around the world.

Peers for the Planet exists in the form of a Parliamentary Group as well as a separate non-profit organisation. The Group will focus on a number of key activities under three core themes:

  • A domestic focus to place action on climate change and biodiversity loss at the top of the political agenda;
  • Partnerships with civil society and particularly youth groups;
  • International partnerships with other Parliaments, governments, cross-governmental actors and international businesses.

The group is seeking to expedite progress towards a just transition towards an affordable, zero-carbon, sustainable economy and society.

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