Frequently asked questions about job adverts


How much does it cost to advertise with W4MP?

w4mpjobs is a FREE service – yes, we don’t charge for ads! However, we do have limited resources so PLEASE help us keep our costs down by keeping ads AS BRIEF AS POSSIBLE. If you are already advertising the post on your own website, just submit basic details to us with a link to full info on your website – but please make sure that the information is on your website and links are working correctly before submitting the ad to us.

Is my role appropriate for advertising on W4MP?

Whilst we are primarily a service to MPs and their staff, we broadly welcome all ads with a political dimension. We ask: do they help people obtain the sort of experience they would need to get a job in Parliament, and/or do they help those already working in Parliament to progress their career in Parliament or elsewhere?

There are some roles we don’t accept – please see here for information.

If you are unsure, you can see roles previously advertised on our site. Whilst this does not guarantee we will accept your role, it can be an indicator.

Please do not contact us via email to ask if we will accept your role – we do not have the resources to pre-check roles, and roles are only processed through the submission form.

I have an advert on W4MP, but the role has closed earlier than the closing date?

Please contact us on so we can mark the advert as removed. We have a firm policy of archiving adverts on the site, so the role will remain viewable but it will no longer be under ‘Current Jobs’.

I have an advert on W4MP, but I need to make an amendment?

We can make small amendments and changes to roles once they are live – please get in touch. We do not have the resources to make significant changes (for example, rewriting the job details), so please make sure your advert is correct before submitting it to the site.

Can I repost my ad so it moves ‘up’ the list?

Ads are listed on the site chronologically. It would unfairly ‘leapfrog’ other advertisers if we reposted a role before the adverts closing date. We also cannot remove the ad and repost it. To re-advertise a role, you will need to wait until after the closing date of the original advert.

Am I able to submit multiple roles as separate adverts?

If the roles have the same closing date, are in the same location and both pay either above or below Real Living Wage/London Living Wage or National Minimum Wage then we will ask you to submit these roles as one. We ask all organisations to do this, and there are rarely exceptions, as it would be unfair to other advertisers. 

How long will it take to process roles?

If a role is submitted within the working week, then we aim to process it within 24 hours. It may take longer if the form has been filled in incorrectly, or there is information missing.

I submitted a role several days ago and it’s still not live?

If it has been over 24 hours within the working week and your ad is not live, please send us an email at . Whilst our system is very reliable, occasionally an advert may not be correctly received. If you get in touch, we’ll be able to resolve the issue.