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Planning matters


This very useful Standard Note by Christopher Barclay in the Commons Library provides a short introduction to planning, including the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), mainly to assist with replying to constituency questions.

It is on the public website at: https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/research-briefings/sn05378/.

It includes:

  1. The normal planning procedure
  2. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Third Party right of appeal
    2. The Planning Inspector
    3. Planning Policy and the Green Belt
    4. Paying for infrastructure
    5. Buying planning consent
    6. Housing Targets
    7. Garden Grabbing
    8. Permitted Development Rights
    9. Calling in/ recovered inquiries
    10. Consent given on the basis of false information
    11. Enforcement
  3. The Role of an MP in planning