w4mp and ParliNet

ParliNet Home Page

With the launch of ParliNet, the new parliamentary intranet, we will be updating links from w4mp to intranet pages to reflect the improved structure of the new site.

ParliNet contains everything you need to stay connected to the parliamentary community. Use it to find information like catering menus, events, contact numbers, and the latest news, and we will be reviewing the contents of w4mp to ensure that it complements what you can find there.

Please note that the old intranet is not being updated and will be switched off on 25 October. Just like us, you should update your favourites and bookmarks to ones on parlinet.parliament.uk before then.

ParliNet launches Monday October 16


ParliNet, Parliament’s new intranet, will launch tomorrow, Monday 16 October.

ParliNet will be accessible from anywhere, on any device, using a parliamentary login, and will replace the current intranet as a place to go for timely, trusted and relevant information.

On Monday, staff be sent more information to your parliamentary emails about how to get access to the site. There will also be an information stand in the weeks after ParliNet launches, to ask questions or receive advice about using ParliNet, as well as online and in-person demo sessions.

ParliNet and w4mp

We will be migrating existing intranet links to the new site, but this will not be a simple update as the structure and content of the new site is very different from the current one. We will complete the update before the old intranet is turned off at the end of the month.

Speaker’s Parliamentary Placement Scheme

Speaker's Internship Scheme

The Speaker’s Parliamentary Placement Scheme is a 12-month internship (beginning late September / early October 2023) run in partnership with the Patchwork Foundation and Parliament. Interns will work across rotations in Parliament, including working on a House of Commons team, working with an MP in government and working with an MP in opposition.

They are looking for people who are passionate about politics and looking to pursue a career in the field, but may find it harder to access opportunities, connections or experiences.

Throughout the placement, Patchwork will provide monthly personal development days alongside one-to-one mentoring support.

Applications will close Tuesday 11th April

View Job Description: Speaker’s Internship Scheme JD

Any questions please contact internships@patchworkfoundation.org.uk

The application form is online.

Grantfinder Demonstration – 13 December 2022


Grantfinder gives access to a flexibly searchable and continuously updated database of UK and European Union (EU) funding sources, including grants, loans and advisory schemes. It enables you to set up alerts for new sources of funding in the areas most relevant. 

This hour-long session is for those who need a full introduction to what Grantfinder is and how it works. Book your place via Act.

Forthcoming Commons Library Talks


Details of all forthcoming Commons Library Talks can be found on ACT: https://parliament.learningpool.com/course/view.php?id=1563
Please note that you must have a parliamentary network account to access ACT.

Topics include:

Help with fire safety remediation work: high rise blocks (England)

Improving the UK’s science capability for managing animal diseases (NAO talk)

The Northern Ireland Protocol Bill

Energy prices, security and market reform

The creation of the UK Infrastructure Bank (NAO talk)

Rising cost of living

An introduction to occupational and personal pensions in the UK

Mental Health reforms in England

Tackling local breaches of air quality (NAO talk)

Understanding and interpreting survey data

Legal aid and other options (England)

Wellbeing – looking after yourself and others


Caseworker Discussion Forum hosted by the Commons Library

The Library, in conjunction with the Members’ Services Team, is pleased to invite you to the Casework Discussion Forum which will take place virtually each month.

The next session is taking place on Thursday 18 August, 9:30-10:30am and will be on the topic of Wellbeing – looking after yourself and others. It will be chaired by Wendy Wilson from the Library.

The Forum will be complemented by a dedicated Teams chat which will allow you to share ideas and best practice, as well as support being on hand from the Library should specialist knowledge be required.

(Please note, you do not have to be a Caseworker to attend these sessions, they are open to any Members’ staff who handle casework.) 

If you have any questions, please contact MST@parliament.uk