NHS organisations and their inter-relationships – Caseworker Discussion Forum


Time: 10:30 – 11:30
Date: Thursday 13 June 2024
Location: Virtual via Microsoft Teams

The June 2024 forum will be on the topic of NHS organisations and their inter-relationships. It will be led by Tom Powell from the Library’s Social Policy Section.

Please go here to book: https://parliament.learningpool.com/mod/facetoface/signup.php?s=16699

Sorting out your digital profile


We’ve spotted a useful article on LinkedIn by Laura Dunn, which talks about what MPs or staff who are leaving Parliament should do to tidy up their digital profiles and prepare for what comes next.

You can read the whole thing on LinkedIn here but highlights include

  • make sure you have updated your social media profiles to reflect your employment change. Edit to ‘former MP’ or ‘former staffer’
  • Unhook your parliamentary email from your social media accounts and link to a personal email or set one up just for social media
  • Invest in new photos
  • put together a digital portfolio/website

Help with childcare costs – Caseworker Discussion Forum



Time: 14:00 – 15:00
Date: Wednesday 22 May 2024

The May 2024 forum will be on the topic of Help with childcare costs. It will be led by David Foster and Niamh Foley from the Library’s Social Policy Section.

To book, please go here: https://parliament.learningpool.com/mod/facetoface/signup.php?s=16684

Introduction to PolicyMogul for parliamentary users


PolicyMogul is putting on three webinars for parliamentary users:

This online webinar is your chance to learn about the value that PolicyMogul provides for MPs, peers, PPCs and parliamentary staff.

As well as an overview of the platform’s features, we will highlight some best practices related to getting the most out of the platform. Session includes Q&A.

PolicyMogul is the essential online tool used by UK parliamentarians and their teams to stay up to date with the latest political updates and intelligence related to their work and responsibilities.

Platform features include:

  • Political monitoring tailored to your interests
  • Customisable email updates with relevant political developments
  • Access to briefing material
  • Question and letter-writing assistant powered by AI
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Sessions include Q&A.

Upcoming sessions:

  • Monday 13th May, 12:15
  • Thursday 16th May, 16:00
  • Wednesday 29th May, 16:00

To register, please follow this link: https://about.policymogul.com/parliament/

Parliament Workflow Study: Help us make the your work easier!


To what extent are offices leveraging modern tools to do their work? Does technology have a significant effect on what they can get done? And how much does this vary between one office and another?

Are you working in an MP’s office? If so, we need your help to understand how technology could be used to make your work easier. By taking just 10-15 minutes to share your experiences in this survey[https://qfreeaccountssjc1.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_abh2Mlnt2CvE9hk], you can make a valuable contribution to this important research.

Your responses are anonymous – we aren’t collecting personally identifying data and nobody will have access to individual responses beyond our research team. If there are questions you prefer not to answer, you can skip over them to the next question.

A tree will be planted for every response we receive!

A joint project by W4MP and LCPT, the Parliament Workflow Study is a research project inspired by the question: “How is technology changing the work of politics?” 

The findings from this study will be shared publicly with the goal of identifying best practices and areas for improvement in how MPs’ offices operate. We hope these insights can help MPs and their staff take full advantage of technology to better serve their constituents and work more effectively.

Ready to participate? Take the survey now

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to participate. To learn more about the Parliament Workflow Study, visit our website at https://www.parliamentworkflowstudy.org. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at hello@parliamentworkflowstudy.org.

If you’re interested in hearing about the results of our research, subscribe at parliamentworkflowstudy.org.

Cross-Party Support for Conspiracy Theory Guide aimed at MPs, Peers and Candidates Launched Today


We’ve received a press release from the Antisemitism Policy Trust about their guide on conspiracy theories.

You can read the guide on their website. It has been written with expert groups including the Antisemitism Policy Trust, Full Fact, Tell MAMA [The charity working to combat anti-Muslim hate], the Institute for Strategic Dialogue and The Global Network on Extremism & Technology.


Press Release

Leading figures in parliament today united to launch A Guide for Members of Parliament and Candidates on Conspiracy Theories. Commissioned by the Leader of the House of Commons, Rt Hon Penny Mordaunt MP, and launched by both Ms Mordaunt and Shadow Leader of the House, Lucy Powell MP, the guide was drawn together by expert groups including the Antisemitism Policy Trust, Full Fact, Tell MAMA [The charity working to combat anti-Muslim hate], the Institute for Strategic Dialogue and The Global Network on Extremism & Technology.

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Dissolution Guidance – South West briefing for Members’ offices


Members’ offices are offered an opportunity to join an in-person briefing in Bristol with representatives of relevant services from across the House Administration and IPSA to find out more about the Dissolution Guidance and ask any questions they may have. 

To register to attend, please email MST@parliament.uk

Paper Trail: new weekly Vote Office bulletin


The Vote Office’s Publications Enquiries Team has launched a new weekly bulletin summarising all reports and papers published and available in the Vote Office.

Paper Trail features links to the week’s bills, government papers, select committee and NAO reports.

Paper Trail is available on ParliNET as well as in hard copy from the Vote Office outlets in Portcullis House and the Palace.

You can find Paper Trail here: ParliNet | Paper Trail (parliament.uk)

Copyright Infringement


If your office receives a ‘copyright infringement notice’, please inform Tara Cullen in the Members’ and Members’ Staff Services Team immediately, and do not respond to the notice until you have discussed it with her.

MMSST is aware that there are also some scams going around at the moment, and it’s important to get them checked out. No genuine organisation will ask for payment in cryptocurrency. All scams and phishing attempts should be reported to PDS.

It’s very easy to find pictures on the Internet and copy them to use on your own website. However, in doing so, you could easily be infringing copyright, and the owner might seek compensation.

Paul Clarke has written a useful guide especially for w4mp on publishing pictures and avoiding rights issues, which you can find here: https://w4mp.org/w4mp/w4mp-guides/support-in-your-job/publishing-pictures-and-avoiding-rights-issues/