2015 Mock Elections in Schools


As the tightest election battle for years dominates the news, younger members of society throughout the country are casting their votes by getting involved in the excitement and drama of Mock Elections.

The Hansard Society’s Mock Elections in Schools project collates the results from hundreds of schools across the country in order to produce a national result.  Schools are voting this week and next and the deadline for submission of results is 10pm on Thursday 7 May. The final nationwide result will then be calculated and announced early the following week.

To date, they estimate that over 250,000 young people are taking an active role in the 2015 Mock Elections with more joining each day as the election draws nearer. Schools are highlighting key moments in their Mock Election campaign by sharing photos, videos, and documents via the blog at mockelectionsuk.tumblr.com on Twitter or other social media using the hashtag #mockelections2015 

www.mockelections.co.uk  / mockelectionsuk.tumblr.com