2015 Year Here Fellowship

We’ve received the following from the nice people at Year Here…
The Year Here Fellowship is an ambitious, creative and rigorous 8-month course in social innovation. As a Fellow, you’ll build brilliant solutions to social problems supported by a world-leading network including Citizens UK, FutureGov, Bain & Company and the Cabinet Office.
We’re looking for bright grads who are serious about making society better.
If selected, you will:
  • Serve in tough frontline roles. Your first four months will be spent in homeless shelters, care homes and community centres understanding first-hand the daily realities of people living at the margins of society – and designing an Innovation Project to boost your placement’s impact.
  • Be assigned a top mentor. From former government advisors to social entrepreneurs, creatives and industry leaders, your mentor will advise you throughout your journey.
  • Get trained by an expert faculty. You’ll be given extensive training and coaching from a faculty of more than 60 experts, learning all about society’s problems and how to tackle them effectively.
  • Secure investment for your ventures. You’ll be designing and implementing your own projects aimed at tackling social problems from the get-go, with the chance to secure more than £3,000 from O2 and The Funding Network along the way.
  • Develop a packed creative portfolio. Through our Writing for Social Change unit, you’ll try your hand at journalism. Previous fellows have written in the Independent and the Huffington Post and given TED talks.
  • Turbocharge your network. From walking the halls of the Cabinet Office to running creative sessions at Google Campus, and from having lunch with the design team at IDEO to delivering workshops at a homeless shelter in Hornsey, you’ll rub shoulders with people from all walks of life.
  • Have no course fees. Unlike a traditional Master’s degree or postgraduate course, we cover your tuition fee. We also offer packages of accommodation and bursaries.
  • Join a growing alumni family. Your peers will be some of the the brightest young talents in the country. You’ll become a permanent part of a rapidly growing group of social influencers.

We believe in innovators, agitators and doers, not just cogs in the system. Our alumni have gone to make the Observer’s list of 50 New Radicals, build high-impact charities, and join fast-growing creative startups.

Whether you’re a grad who’s fresh out of uni or a few years into your career, if you’re idealistic but critical and want to take a rigorous approach to real issues – this is a unique opportunity to learn fast in the real world.

Apply now.