Parliamentary Mobile Apps


UK Parliament has produced some free Parliamentary Apps for Android, iPhone and iPad.

My Constituency shows key statistics for each constituency, including election results, unemployment, youth unemployment and population.

ParliQuiz is produced by Parliament’s Education Service, and is great for older students and teachers learning and teaching about politics, Parliament and democracy. It aims to demystify Parliament, and will be useful for anyone with an interest in testing and improving their political literacy.

The Commons Order Papers: the House of Commons Order Paper is published each sitting day and lists the business of the House and sittings in Westminster Hall. It also lists questions for oral or written answer that day, questions for written answer which have not previously appeared in print, and certain other items such as notices of written statements, committee notices, remaining orders and lists of future business.

– Summary agenda
– Business today
– Future business

Lords Business Papers: The House of Lords Business Papers are published each sitting day and lists the business of the House of Lords in chamber and committee, also including

-Order Paper
-Future Business
-Select Committee reports
-Other Motions for Debate
-Motions relating to Delegated Legislation
-Questions for Short Debate
-Questions for Written Answer
-Questions for Written Answer unanswered after 10 working days
-Bills in Progress
-Affirmative Instruments
-Negative instruments
-Public Bodies Order in Progress
-Papers Laid


House Papers:  The HousePapers application contains papers relating to Parliamentary business in the House of Commons and House of Lords on a month by month basis.

A wide variety of business papers and documents are added daily (during sitting periods), providing information on the business of the House and background information on debates. Papers are arranged by sitting date and are grouped into folders to bring together papers relevant to particular items of business.

You can see all of the Apple Apps here: iTunes Store

You can see all of the Android Apps here: Google Play Store