Working with charities during the cost-of-living crisis – A guide for MPs


Local and national charities working in your constituency can be a vital partner, providing you with frontline insights, up-to-date data and intelligence, and a reliable place to refer people who need urgent help. You will likely already know the charities in your constituency well, so this guide from NPC is intended to help you focus your work with them. NPC is a think tank and consultancy helping charities, funders, and policy makers to maximise social impact.

You can find the guide here:

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The Charity Commission register of charities displays information about how charities are run, and how they manage their finances, including information about salaries paid to senior staff members (in bands, upwards from £60k), whether a charity’s trustees are remunerated and its income, if any, from government contracts.

You can search for charities in your constituency here: