Common employment law disputes – Caseworker Discussion Forum


Time: 14:30 – 15:30
Date: Thursday 22 February 2024
Location: Virtual via Microsoft Teams

The February 2024 forum will be on the topic of Common employment law disputes. We will be joined by Patrick Brione from the Library’s Business and Transport Section.

To book, please go here:

Creative Access Adverts for Traineeships in the Media


From time to time we’re pleased to publish adverts from Creative Access for traineeships with large media organisations like ITV, BBC, Apple, Channel 4 and many others.

These traineeships are only open to candidates young people from black, Asian and other non-white minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds, as well as those with a lower socioeconomic status (SES), and we get queries from those who consider such adverts discriminatory or racist and believe they may be illegal.

This is not the case.

These are not permanent jobs but trainee positions, and anyone completing them will have to apply for a job with the company in the normal way – they do not provide a shortcut. The Equality Act makes it clear that employers can take steps to help people with a particular protected characteristic overcome their disadvantage – for example, by offering internships or placements, and that they may encourage the participation of people with a particular protected characteristic in employment or training – for example, by reserving places on a training course. This role falls under these criteria and is therefore completely within the law.

There is a well-documented lack of representation of BAME people in the UK’s creative industries. Figures from the last British census, published in 2011, and Creative Skillset’s 2012 Employment Census showed that the UK was 14% non-white and London’s population was over 40% BAME. Yet BAME representation across the creative industries had fallen to just 5.4%.

Citizens Advice has a useful guide to the law in this area and the Creative Access website lists its employer partners, all of whom have checked that this approach is legal.

We continue to post a wide range of jobs and opportunities that are likely to be of interest to MPs staff.

Volunteering and writing opportunities


We receive a selection of interesting opportunities for volunteering/unpaid work or for work contributing to websites that don’t fit our criteria for posting an ad on w4mpjobs but may be of interest to staff.  We’ll feature them here.


Agora is the UK’s open forum for foreign policy. It bridges the gap between people interested in and knowledgeable about foreign affairs and decision makers in foreign policy by providing a platform for blogs, briefings and policy papers. The think tank is also committed to growing its active community, with regular meet ups in London for writers and those interested in international affairs.

Agora is part of the Open Think Tank Network, comprising partner organisations in Germany (Polis180), France (Argo), Switzerland (Foraus), Austria (Ponto), and Ireland (Torc) which also promote a more participatory form of foreign policy.

Anyone curious about Agora can visit our website, and those wishing to publish should read our content guidelines ( before contacting one of our research programmes at the addresses below:

Defence & Security –

Democracy & Governance –

Europe –

Energy & Climate –

Identities –

Migration –


Best of Africa

Founded in December 2016, The Best of Africa ( is an online media platform that provides commentary and analysis on Africa through a network of volunteers. We are committed to promoting a more positive image of Africa from those who are passionate about the continent. 

Writing, editing and sourcing content is an essential part of what we do. In order to help to dispel negative narratives on Africa and engage, excite and educate people, an ideal candidate is a student or recent graduate with an interest in African and/or politics and international relations.

A background and active interest in all things Africa (politics, development, sport, entertainment etc.) is an added bonus.

Those interested should submit a CV and a short covering letter and a writing sample to


Technical Politics

Technical Politics ( would be happy to
consider for publication ideas articles on public policy, current
legislation, parliamentary or select committee debates, or public
policy-related events.

Articles may focus on public policy as it relates to any country,
subnational unit, government or international organisation. Particular
preference is given to balanced or neutral articles describing the
fullest range of opinions on the topic, and including substantial
quotations from representatives of both or all sides of the debate.

We also welcome original or prepublished copy from think tanks and
public policy institutes, and we are especially grateful for content
focused on public policy in non-English speaking countries.

Please note that all content will be released under a Creative Commons
licence. Technical Politics reserves the right to make minor edits to
style and grammar. By sending us content, articles or materials, you
release it for our indefinite future use. We reserve the right to refuse
to publish any article.




Politics Unboxed

This is an unpaid writing call for anyone interested in Politics to come and help us grow a thriving channel for Political Discourse on the Politics Unboxed Platform. You would be writing articles as and when you want to, and the articles would be published in their entirity, subject to amendment by our editorial teams.

This is a new, and all volunteer organisation, aiming to bring Political News to the masses, specifically young people, in a way which cuts through the technical jargon so often prohibitive to part-time political observers and makes things more easily digestible.

Closing Date: 28 July 2021Anyone wishing to apply for this position should email the address below and outline what they would like to bring to the platform.