ParliNet launches Monday October 16


ParliNet, Parliament’s new intranet, will launch tomorrow, Monday 16 October.

ParliNet will be accessible from anywhere, on any device, using a parliamentary login, and will replace the current intranet as a place to go for timely, trusted and relevant information.

On Monday, staff be sent more information to your parliamentary emails about how to get access to the site. There will also be an information stand in the weeks after ParliNet launches, to ask questions or receive advice about using ParliNet, as well as online and in-person demo sessions.

ParliNet and w4mp

We will be migrating existing intranet links to the new site, but this will not be a simple update as the structure and content of the new site is very different from the current one. We will complete the update before the old intranet is turned off at the end of the month.