Daily Update 27/05/2020


Boris Johnson has announced that the Government’s new test and trace system will be launched in the UK tomorrow. 

In the daily briefing Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, announced that eligibility for testing will be expanded to include the under-fives. This means that everyone with Coronavirus symptom can now request a test. 

The Government’s new test and trace system, will, according to the Health Secretary, require people that have tested for Coronavirus symptoms to voluntary self-isolate. However, if people do not do so then these measures may become mandatory. 

From 9am tomorrow, if you are contacted by an NHS advisor asking you to isolate then you are required to do so. 

The steps for the trace and trace system are as follows: 

1) If you experience one or more of the symptoms of Coronavirus (a cough, a fever, or a loss of taste and smell) you must immediately self-isolate.

2) You should then book a test either by dialling 119 or using the Government’s Coronavirus website.  

3) NHS track and trace will then help you establish who you’ve been in contact with and who you might have been likely to infect. NHS track and trace will then contact those people on your behalf and you and the people you may have infected will then be asked to self-isolate for fourteen days.