Daily Update 26/05/2020


The total deaths as a result of Coronavirus now stands at 37,048 as of today, an increase of 134. For the first time since March there were zero deaths recorded in Northern Ireland. Nationwide this week has seen the lowest number of Coronavirus deaths in six weeks. 

Over the weekend it was alleged by several newspapers that Dominic Cummings, a key advisor to the Prime Minister, had broken the rules of the quarantine and travelled do Durham to visit his family between 27 March and 14 April. In a statement on Monday Cummings denied breaking the conditions of the lockdown, claiming that his decision to travel to Durham to care for his four-year-old child was a response to what he perceived to be “exceptional circumstances.” By travelling to Durham, Cummings claimed that, he was exercising his “personal judgement” within the guidelines of the lockdown in response to exceptional circumstances. 

In response to Cumming’s refusal to apologise for his actions several Conservative MPs have resigned from their positions and called for the Prime Minister’s adviser’s resignation.