Links between the House of Commons and MPs Staff


Whether you work in Westminster or the constituency, you will have had contact with different elements of the House service, for example when getting a pass, getting your IT set up, or accessing information online.

Our friend Chris Sear has been asked to act as a contact between the House and staff working for MPs. He has worked in the House for a number of years and recently has been responsible for delivering the constituency regional events, and many of you would have met him at these events.

Chris is particularly keen to hear from you about your experiences of engaging with the House including the services you use – or find you can’t use; how you access House services digitally, and any problems you have faced in engaging with the House. He will use this feedback to identify and deliver improvements in how we work with you.

Finally, if you are willing to be included in face to face conversations or focus groups, please let him know.

Chris can be contacted on and looks forward to hearing from you.