CommonsVotes app


The new CommonsVotes app, launched in November, is now the quickest way to find out how MPs have voted in the Chamber. Full division lists are made available on the app around 15-20 minutes after the result is announced.

About the app

CommonsVotes takes advantage of the electronic system for recording divisions on tablet devices, introduced in early 2016, to make the full breakdown of votes – showing which way MPs voted following debates in the Chamber – available quickly in an format easy to use and analyse.

The app sorts the division results by Ayes vs Noes and – within that – by party, and users have the option of bookmarking individual MPs to view their voting record.

CommonsVotes app

Download the app

The CommonsVotes app is available for free download in the Apple iTunes store and the Google Play Store for Android.  The app has now been downloaded more than 7,000 times.

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CommonsVotes joins a suite of procedural apps built by PDS, including HousePapers which makes available digitally papers relating to parliamentary business in both the House of Commons and House of Lords, including the Order Paper and copies of bills.