ParliNet – useful bookmarks


ParliNet users will have noticed that there is no longer an A-Z index on the site, and so w4mp is going to list some of the more common pages here. Some of the links take you to the public Parliament website as these pages are no longer on the intranet.

Please note that some of these may be subject to change as pages are moved around ParliNet. We will do our best to keep up with them, but please do let us know if you spot any broken links by emailing us at

All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs)

Calendar/What’s on in Parliament

Caseworker Hub (part of MST) – includes hotlines and useful booklets

Digital Service

Dods People

Facilities (Westminster estate only)

Find Your MP


Guide to Procedure

House of Commons Library (public site, where the casework guides are kept)

House of Commons ParliNet Site

House of Commons Library – Specialist Researcher Directory

House of Commons Online Resources (databases, etc.)

Independent Complaints and Grievance Scheme (ICGS)

Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) public website

Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) Unit 4 ERP

Job vacancies at Parliament


Members’ HR Advice

Members’ HR Best Practice Guides

Members’ Security Support Service

Members’ Services Team

Nexis News Database

Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

ParliNet homepage

Registers of Interest

Registers of Interest – MP registration forms

Restaurants, cafes and bars (access and menus)

Security Vetting Portal

Speaker’s Office

Table Office


Training for Members’ Staff

Visitor Access

Visual Identity

Vote Office

Wellbeing Hub

w4mp and ParliNet

ParliNet Home Page

With the launch of ParliNet, the new parliamentary intranet, we will be updating links from w4mp to intranet pages to reflect the improved structure of the new site.

ParliNet contains everything you need to stay connected to the parliamentary community. Use it to find information like catering menus, events, contact numbers, and the latest news, and we will be reviewing the contents of w4mp to ensure that it complements what you can find there.

Please note that the old intranet is not being updated and will be switched off on 25 October. Just like us, you should update your favourites and bookmarks to ones on before then.