Financial Year End – 2023-2024


It’s that time of year, when IPSA Proxies lock themselves in their offices, set their phones to ‘do not disturb’ and bury their heads in spreadsheets. Yes, it’s year end! But don’t worry, IPSA has made things much simpler and, assuming you’ve been reasonably well-organised, sorting out your year-end documentation shouldn’t be too stressful.

Don’t put it off until the last minute, do it now, then if you have any queries, you have time to sort them out.

Key dates:

  • You must submit your year-end form by 23:59 on Friday 19 April 2024.
  • You must have all your payment card lines reconciled by 23:59 on 26 April 2024.
  • You must submit all the evidence for the reimbursement claims listed on your year-end form by 23:59 on Friday 10 May 2024.

You no longer need to submit a year-end for payroll.

It’s a good idea to log into the website regularly to check that there are no tasks outstanding in your task manager.

You can find all of IPSA’s year-end guidance here: and the staff are really helpful and patient, so give them a call if you’re stuck or unsure about anything.

Already submitted everything? Great! Go and get a brew, then sit down and prepare your paperwork for 2024-2025. Why not make a list of your regular outgoings and work out a forecast, which you can update as you go along throughout the year? You could set up a simple spreadsheet to do this, and then you will always know the current state of your budget and can adjust your spending accordingly.