Of Boys and Men’. Richard Reeves


MPs and their staff are invited to join the APPG on Issues Affecting Men and Boys when they hear from Richard V. Reeves, Senior Fellow in Economic Studies, Brookings Institution, Washington D.C. on the findings from his new book ‘Of Boys and Men

Date: Wednesday 16th November 10.15 am for 10.30-11.30am
Venue: Archbishop’s Room, Millbank House, 3 Millbank, House of Lords, London SW1P 3JU
Chair: Nick Fletcher MP, chair of the APPG.

Why the Modern Male is Struggling, Why It Matters, and What To Do About It.

Originally from the UK, Richard’s former roles include Director of Strategy to the then Deputy Prime Minister, and Director of the think-tank Demos. In 2017, Politico magazine named Richard one of the top 50 thinkers in the U.S. for his work on class and inequality.

Men are losing ground in the labour market, falling behind in education, increasingly missing out on family life – a position that’s even worse for Black men.

• The gender gap in college degrees awarded is wider today than it was in the early 1970s – but in the opposite direction.
• The wages of most men are lower today in real terms than they were in 1979 while women’s wages have risen across the board.
• One in five fathers are not living with their children.
• Men account for two out of three ‘deaths of despair’, either from a suicide or an overdose.

Previous attempts to treat this condition, from all political angles, have made the same fatal mistake – of viewing the problems of men as a problem with men.

This book shows how the basic social structures defining masculine maturity and success have been shattered, and how they can — and must — be reinvented.