Time to get a new job?


Time to move on?

Maybe you have a spare moment to think about making a move?

But where to find that new job which rewards you – not just financially but also exploits all those talents which are not properly recognised in your present post?

Yes, you’ve guessed it: the w4mpjobs pages! They are here.

We advertise hundreds of jobs, ranging from those dreaded unpaid internships (OK those are not for you) to some really well paid jobs which would be your perfect next landing.  Go on – admit it: you’ve toiled in PCH or out there in the constituency for long enough….

Brilliant as w4mpjobs is, we do acknowledge that there are a few other recruiting agencies out there which just might have your next job as well.   We made a longish list of them in this w4mp guide:
When you get there scroll down to ‘Other useful job search websites‘ for the complete list – many of them specialise in politics-related jobs.

Good luck!