Daily Update 10/07/2020


The total death toll as a result of coronavirus now stands at 44,650, an increase of 48 as of today. 

The UK is to turn down the chance to a multibillion-euro EU plan secure supplies for potential coronavirus vaccines. John Bell, the regius professor of medicine at Oxford university working with development of a Covid-19 vaccine has said that he thought that the UK’s decision was a sensible one. In an interview with the Financial Times Bell stated that the UK has a “very, very good and coherent vaccine plan.”

England faces a serious risk of running out of water within 20 years. In a report the public accounts committee has said that the Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs, the financial regulator Ofwat and the Environment Agency had failed to insure that privatised water agencies invested adequately in infrastructure. More than three billion litres, or one fifth of treated water, is lost leakage everyday.