Daily Update 11/05/2020


Today the government published a 50-page document, “Our Plan to Rebuild”, which set out a three-phased plan for easing the nationwide lockdown. 

The first phase of the strategy will be begin this week and allow citizens of England to leave their homes as many times as they’d like for exercise and leisure. Scotland, Wales and Northern Island have not altered their lockdown restrictions. The report advises that people use face coverings in places where social distancing cannot be observed, such as on public transport.

The report goes on to state that the only long-term solution to Coronavirus is a vaccine or a drug-based treatment, which may be more than a year away. 

Phase two of the government’s plan, which will not take place before June 1, will involve the reopening of primary schools and non-essential shops. There is a possibility that households may be allowed to mix with one another at this stage. 

Phase three, which will take place no sooner than June 4, will involve the opening of restaurants, pubs, hotels, and hairdressers. Business which cannot meet social distancing guidelines will not be re-opened, according to the report. 

Research by the ONS has shown that men in blue-collar jobs were more than twice as likely than the rest of the working age population to contract Coronavirus. These findings come after government’s decisions to allow workers from the construction industry and other similar trades to return to work.