Daily Update 23/04/2020


The total death toll as a result of Coronavirus now stands at 18,738, an increase of 616. 

In his daily briefing Matt Hancock, the Health secretary, stood by the government’s commitment to keep the lockdown restrictions in place. He also stated that it was the government’s aim to continue to increase testing up to the 100,000 per day figure given early this month. As of today, capacity for test, as opposed to actual tests administered, has increased to 50,000 a day. 

Employers of essential workers will be able to get a Coronavirus test for their workers and essential workers will be also be able to get a test through the new Coronavirus website set up by the government. These tests will not only be available to key workers from tomorrow but to their families as well.  

UK Universities have reported losses of more than £2bn and have asked the government for a bailout. The government has yet to respond with a proposal.