Hive Support Agency: staff recruitment in Parliament


We’ve been contacted by Hive. They say:

Hive Support

Hive Support

We provide an independent and professional service to MPs to assist with their recruitment and ongoing management of staff.

We have over 30 years’ experience of working in Parliamentary Offices and understand the unique relationship between an MP and their team. By outsourcing recruitment and HR to us we can relieve pressures from the office and ensure MPs and their staff have more time to focus on Parliamentary and constituency work.

Recruitment: If you are looking to work in Parliament, then get in touch with us via our website We are currently recruiting for several MPs expecting to be returned following the election and are in contact with many more. We can currently only accept applications from those with previous experience of working for a Member or Peer.

HR: We offer support to Parliamentary teams and ensure that MPs are meeting the recommendations of the Inquiry into Bullying and Harassment of Parliamentary Staff; without adding additional burdens to already overstretched offices.

If you work in Parliament and need support or want to work in Parliament and would like our help to get you there, please get in touch today.

About us:

Eve Burt and Sam Mackewn have over 30 years combined experience working in Parliamentary offices. Eve also Chairs a voluntary organisation and has responsibility for employment issues, including grievance and disciplinary procedures. Sam managed an employment rights centre offering legal advice to those experiencing difficulties at work.