Disability and mental health awareness and information for MPs and their staff


The Commons Diversity and Inclusion team has a very useful resource for MPs and their staff on dealing with disability and mental health issues encountered when conducting their work either at Parliament or in their constituencies.

In conjunction with RADAR, they have published a comprehensive guide, which can be found on the intranet here: https://intranet.parliament.uk/employment/house-of-commons/equality-diversity-respect/disability/understanding-disabilities-information-for-mps-and-staff/

It contains information on:

  • Access
  • Meetings, events and surgeries
  • Information and Communication
  • Communication Aids
  • Meeting disabled constituents
  • Common courtesies
  • Language
  • Disability Discrimination Law
  • Who is affected by the law?
  • How the law affects MPs
  • The Equality Duty
  • Useful contacts

There is also an MP and Staffers’ Guide to Mental Health which provides practical tips and advice on how Members and their staff can support constituents with mental health problems, and where to signpost them. Members and their staff often come into contact with constituents in distress either at surgeries or through emails and telephone calls, and this Guide provides information and guidance on how to deal with these difficult situations:

  • Quick-reference guide
  • An overview of mental health
  • How much help should you give?
  • How to help someone in distress
  • Handling difficult emails and phone calls
  • Signposting and local information