Parliamentary Assistants’ Portico in the Church of Wittertainment


As a regular listener to the Kermode & Mayo film show on BBC Radio 5 Live, w4mp has long been a member of the ‘Church of Wittertainment‘ – see this entry in the comprehensive ‘Witterpedia‘ for more  – and enjoyed the witty banter between Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode. We normally listen to the podcast and enjoy the lack of interruptions from sport and news, and the extra conversation at the start and end of the broadcast programme.

The Church is an all-encompassing space, and this week it was augmented with a special space for everyone working for an MP, and the delightfully-named Parliamentary Assistants’ Portico has joined Clergy Corner and Apothecaries’ Atrium.

Tom in Westminster, who wrote in after having seen Dunkirk in Peckham. You can catch his intervention at 39:20 on the podcast, downloadable from the BBC website. And if Tom would like to get in touch, we’d be happy to acknowledge his contribution.

If you’d like to contact the show to let them know you’re in the congregation, then email or follow @wittertainment on Twitter.