Responding to the recent cyber-attack


As things settle down following the ‘sustained and determined’ cyberattack on Parliamentary IT systems , Daniel Thornton of the Institute for Government has posted an article  in which he says  that MPs are particularly vulnerable and need to take responsibility for their cyber security.

You can read it on their website.  Daniel notes that ‘the parliamentary authorities, drawing upon advice from NCSC, do provide support to MPs. But MPs are often too busy to take advantage of this support and many do not understand the issues involved.,

And he goes on to say:

Three steps could be taken to support cyber security in Parliament. Firstly, MPs must better understand digital technology. Secondly, MPs must make use of the help that is already on offer from parliamentary authorities. Finally, parliamentary authorities must improve digital and online security.

However like many commentators he seems to believe that MPs run their own systems, and doesn’t consider the skills and capabilities of staff, who need support to learn and deal with these many risks.