Regional Constituency Open Days: Perth and Westminster


Two new constituency open days have been announced in Perth (21 February) and Westminster (10 March), and are open to all constituency staff.

The events will include presentations and breakout sessions on the following:

  • UK visas and immigration
  • HMRC – tax credits
  • Using the House of Commons Library
  • Dealing with casework: sharing best practice (discussion led by caseworkers)
  • Key challenge for an Office Manager (discussion led by Office Managers)
  • Office security
  • IPSA
  • Learning and Development
  • Digital Service.

The events are free and the costs of travel can be reclaimed through allowances in the normal way. Lunch will also be provided.

To book your place email by 10 February for Perth and by 24 February for Westminster.

For more information on upcoming regional constituency events, click here.

Image by Heplcentcom (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons