Bringing Animals onto the Parliamentary Estate


On June 6 last year the Administration Committee confirmed the rules on bringing animals onto the Parliamentary Estate.

There has been a recent increase in the number of instances of pass holders bringing animals on to the Estate without authorisation. This may be because not all staff are aware of the restrictions in place.

Under the current Administration Committee rules, no animals other than assistance dogs and security dogs are allowed in the Palace or any of its outbuildings (other than residences).  This rule is in place because of the duty of care that would arise in relation to animal welfare and the health, safety and wellbeing of Members, staff and visitors on the Parliamentary Estate.

In light of the increased traffic all across the Estate carrying out essential works programmes over the coming years, the Estate is likely to become an even less appropriate environment for dogs or cats.  The Committee therefore gave its support to Parliamentary security staff refusing entry to animals that do not fall within the exemption criteria, without express written permission by the Serjeant at Arms. (Exceptional circumstances may include access for purposes of guide dog training).