Opportunities during Parliament Week


UK Parliament Week is an annual programme of events that engage and connect people from across the country with Parliament, its work and Members. Members’ support is vital to raising the profile and reach of UK Parliament Week across the county.

This year’s it  runs from 14-20 November with lots of activities planned, including:

Photo opportunities 

Throughout UK Parliament Week, there will be a photo opportunity for Members to have their photograph taken with a series democracy themed placards.

Each day the theme will change, focusing on a different way of engaging with Parliament. All members are invited to come along, take a picture, and share with their online following.

Spread the word 

Let your local schools, press and organisations know about UK Parliament Week. Add information about it to your website and promote it on your social media platforms. Please visit our website for the online version of the UK Parliament Week logo goo.gl/OfoS6T.

There is also a Thunderclap campaign thndr.me/vckq0f. By becoming a supporter of the campaign, you can help increase the presence of UK Parliament Week on social media.