Moving Westminster from… Westminster

Commons in Session

The proposals to refurbish the Palace of Westminster from the Restoration and Renewal Programme  have received extensive media coverage, with Metro reporting:

“MPs could be forced to move out of the Houses of Parliament for six years while the buildings undergo major renovations.

The Palace of Westminster faces an ‘impending crisis’ and is at risk of a ‘catastrophic event’, MPs and peers have warned.”

This in turn led to a rash of petitions calling for Parliament to be permanently located out of London, such as this one on 38 Degrees

Re-build parliament outside London rather than renovating Westminster, with over 1500 signatures.  w4mp has no view on this matter, of course, and as a distributed organisation it will continue to serve MPs staff wherever their offices may be located. But others may feel differently about the prospect of swapping Zone 1 for the M1…