Commons Library EU referendum hub updated


The Commons Library has updated its EU referendum hub. The hub includes pre and post-Brexit briefing papers which set out the background to the EU Referendum as well as analysis and comment after the result.   There is also a comprehensive reading list bringing together relevant books, articles and think tank and parliamentary publications relevant to the subject.

 Brexit: What happens next

Now that the UK has voted to leave the EU, what will happen next? This Commons Library briefing paper looks at the immediate consequences of the vote and some of the longer term implications.

 Information includes:

  • Is the voting binding?
  • Will EU law still have effect in the UK?
  • Will the UK still contribute to the EU Budget?
  • Will immigration be affected?
  • Next steps: UK action
  • Next steps: EU action
  • Could Scotland stay in the EU?
  • Legal process

Other recent papers

Where to find these papers

Hard copy

You should be able to find many of these in displays around the Estate (including Norman Shaw North and South, 1 Parliament Street and Tothill Street Cafe)