Parliament and Delegated Legislation: Hansard Society Report Launch


On December 10th, the Hansard Society will be launching its latest publication on the legislative process:The Devil is in the Detail: Parliament and Delegated Legislation.

This latest report opens up the delegated legislation process, exploring how decisions are made about what goes in to primary and what goes in to secondary legislation and who makes them. It looks at the evolution of delegated legislation, how the process works in both Houses of Parliament, and examines a number of legislative case studies that illustrate different aspects of the flaws and defects in the current system.

The authors will outline their findings and set out recommendations for reform of the system before a panel-audience discussion on the key issues and questions that arise in the report.

The launch event takes place at 6:00pm, Wednesday 10th December
Room E, 7 Millbank, London, SW1P 3JA

Register here.