Parliamentary Outreach: Train the Trainer Training Available


On 23 and 24 September the Parliamentary Outreach Service will be delivering a 2 day training course as part of the ‘Training the Trainer’ programme at 14 Tothill Street, London SW1H 9NB.

The programme is based around a training resource which has been designed so that organisations are able themselves to deliver training and information about Parliament and how people can engage effectively. It consists of the following 11 modules and each module includes a session plan, presentation and group exercises. The modules are designed so that they can be delivered either in sequence or stand alone.

  • What is Democracy
  • What is Parliament
  • What is Government
  • What is the House of Commons and the role of an MP
  • What is the House of Lords and the role of a Lord
  • How is a law made
  • Local / National link
  • How to engage effectively
  • Select Committees
  • The devolved assemblies
  • The link between the European Parliament and the UK Parliament

If you would be interested in attending this training and please complete the Application Form and return it to  .Places on this course are awarded according to how delegates plan to use the resource after the training with particular reference to reach, scope and sustainability so it is recommended to include as much detail as possible in the application.

The deadline for the application form is 22 August. The course is completely free of charge but the organisers ask that organisations sign a user agreement whereby they provide us with regular feedback as to how they are using the resource.

Please visit the website for further information about the course and additional dates and locations: