POSTnotes on Childhood Allergy, Big Data & Public Health


The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology has recently published the following two POSTnotes:

Childhood Allergy

PDF, 4 pages, 291.8 KB
In the UK, 40-50% of children have at least one diagnosed allergy. The increased prevalence of allergies negatively impacts affected children’s quality of life and puts pressure on health services. This note discusses the causes and extent of allergic disease in childhood, examines the links between allergy, genetics and the environment and summarises current research.

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Big Data and Public Health

PDF, 4 pages, 287 KB
Patient health records and other large scale medical and administrative datasets are increasingly being considered as a valuable tool for the study and improvement of health. This POSTnote examines the sources of data, their current and potential uses for health improvement, and the legal and practical issues raised by data use for public health or research purposes.

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