New web resource from the Hansard Society: Parliament Revealed


Parliament Revealed is a new educational website created by the Hansard Society. The website uses video interviews, with people involved in all aspects of running Parliament, as well as written articles, to explain four main areas: the roles of parliamentary institutions; how laws are made and scrutinised; the role and function of MPs; and how Parliament works from day to day.

The website includes interviews with such figures as Sir Robert Rogers, the Clerk of the House and Chief Executive; the Rt Hon John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons; and many others, discussing their roles and explaining various topics. The website also provides supporting documentation, suggested reading and downloadable presentations along with each topic.

This website is a valuable tool for students researching the workings of Parliament, as well as a useful source of engaging material to be used in a classroom.

Explore the website here.

More information about it from the Hansard Society here.