Caseworkers – check out this invaluable resource


Are you making best use of the many resources on constituency casework on the parliamentary intranet?  

At the Open Day for constituency-based staff at Westminster on 25 March those attending were pleasantly surprised to see just what is available.  Many were a bit miffed to find out what they had been missing. Don’t be one of them!

The crucial link is here:  This page brings together resources that will help caseworkers with a range of frequently raised topics, including telephone hotlines to Government departments and other agencies.

The Commons Library can provide impartial background information on issues raised by constituents and advise on where else you can find help. They cannot provide legal advice on specific cases.

  • MPs, Freedom of Information and Data Protection
  • Sources of information by subject area
  • Briefings on topical constituency issues
  • Hotlines and contacts for MPs
  • Government websites
  • Government guides
  • How to use the Commons Library