The Chairman of Ways and Means


The current Chairman of Ways and Means, the Rt Hon Lindsay Hoyle MP, will be giving an open lecture on Friday the 14th of March on what constitutes his position, and what duties it involves.

The title originates in the fact that the position was originally as the chairman of the Committee of Ways and Means, which has since been abolished. Unique functions include acting as Chair of the Committee of the Whole House, overseeing any matters concerning private bills, and overseeing the arrangements for sittings in Westminster Hall.

The position is also as the principal of the Speaker’s three deputies. It was combined in the mid-19th century with the new position of the first formal Deputy Speaker, and these titles are interchangeable. Prior to this combination, there were other ways for an MP to deputise for the Speaker if he was, for instance, ill.

For more details on the lecture, see the entry on our events page under the 14th of March. For more information on the position of the Chairman of Ways and Means, see the Parliament website here, and Wikipedia here.