Getting MP voices onto Wikipedia


Wikipedia is an enormously useful resource and a growing number of MPs have their own pages – here’s a list of MPs for English constituencies  for example. For some time now Andy Mabbett, a well-known and hugely respected UK Wikipedian, has been asking people to record short voice samples for Wikipedia pages, so we can know what everyone sounds like.  It’s a worthwhile project and deserves support.

You can find all the details on Andy’s website, but the basic idea is simple:

Record the following, or a variation of their choice, with no background noise:

Hello, my name is [name]. I was born in [place] and I have been [job or position] since [year]

(but without mentioning Wikipedia!)

Then can convert the file to Ogg Vorbis using this free tool and then upload it to Wikimedia Commons, with an open-licence, with no “non-commercial (NC)” or “no derivatives (ND)” restrictions, (e.g. CC-By or CC-By-SA), and add the category “Voice intro project”.

Fancy a go?