e-newsletter for Members’ Staff offering a prize


It’s not too late to respond to this invitation below, from the Office of the Chief Executive, to contribute to Commons View….and you might even win a ‘very special mystery prize’. But hurry – deadline is Monday 2 September.

The latest (July) edition – Issue 10 – can be seen here on the intranet.  It’s full of lots of good information.

Here below is what they say.


Commons View, the quarterly e-newsletter for Members’ staff, is giving you the chance to get in touch with colleagues working for Members across the country.

We are hoping that our new feature will encourage sharing of advice and information, help you to pool resources and develop contacts and networks across constituencies.

  • Is there anything that you have found particularly useful as part of your role?
  • Is there anything you wish you’d been told when you first started that would have made your job easier?
  • What has been the most challenging situation you’ve had to deal with in your role?
  • Has anything amusing or interesting happened to you whilst employed by a Member?

Get in touch – we’d like to hear your pearls of wisdom, anecdotes, advice or suggestions as well as questions and queries that you may want to ask your network of colleagues across the UK.

Please email your contributions (no more than 350 words please) to CommunicationsOCE@parliament.uk and we will let you know when your piece will be published.

Outstanding contributions received by 2 September will be rewarded with a very special mystery prize.