‘Sorting Out Separation’ – app from DWP


W4MP had the following request from the DWP this week and we are happy to publicise this useful new app.


We launched the Sorting Out Separation web app in November 2012. It’s had 1000’s of visitors so far and some really positive feedback which we are really proud of.

We’re embedding the Sorting Out Separation web app on websites that parents already use to make the service as easy as possible for parents to access. Many MPs already have the app on their websites and we’re keen to get the app on as many more MP websites as possible as we know that constituents often go to their local MP’s website for support during the difficult time of separation.

The Sorting Out Separation web app is part of the Government’s Help and Support for Separated Families initiative, designed to coordinate expert support services to help parents work together to achieve what’s best for their children. It also incorporates the online hub outlined in the Family Justice Review. See more information on the app attached.

Alongside this we have also this week launched a video which signposts people to the Sorting Out Separation web app. The minute-long video follows a boy’s journey from childhood through to adolescence and adulthood, showing the positive parenting of both mum and dad at every step of the way. The video aims to raise awareness of how working together benefits children and where to find support and advice through the Sorting Out Separation web app.

Here is a link to the video so you can find out more: tinyurl.com/vidSOS

Visit www.SortingoutSeparation.org.uk today


Introducing the Sorting out Separation web app

…a quick and easy way for you to:

• help your clients access support on separation

• show your commitment to helping parents work together through separation

• help parents collaborate for the benefit of their children

How can I support parents in one simple step?

***Embed the Sorting out Separation web app TODAY!***

• It’s easy and only takes minutes

• It works on any website

• Visit www.SortingoutSeparation.org.uk and click on “EMBED” in the bottom left corner

• Follow the simple step-by-step instructions

• You can easily change the colour, size and location to suit your website

• OR you can insert a link to the web address above.

NEED HELP? Contact sortingout.separation@dwp.gsi.gov.uk and we can talk you through or provide technical support.

What is the web app?

• The first place to look for anyone needing help and support after separation.

• An interactive tool that signposts bespoke help and support.

• Includes helpful videos and information on:

   – Children and parenting – Housing

   – Relationships – Work and benefits

   – Health – Legal and money

Who else is on board?

• Over 150 organisations are already signposting parents to the great support on offer, including:  Money Saving Expert; BBC Eastenders;  Mumsnet; Wikivorce; DAD.info; Bounty; 4Children; Gransnet; Marks & Spencer; Relate; Family Lives and many more…

Join them and show your support today.