Parliamentary Outreach – free service for the public


The Parliamentary Outreach service raises awareness of the work, processes and relevance of the institution of Parliament, with the aim of increasing levels of engagement between the public and the House of Commons and the House of Lords.   The service offers free Parliamentary training, monthly drop-in sessions, legislation workshops and more.  The sessions are free and open to anyone with an interest in the areas being discussed.  Lots more information about what they do and their future programme here:

There are four main activities for the service:

  • delivery of tailored information sessions outlining how bills become law, how select committees work and how to find information on Parliament’s website
  • cultural programmes and exhibitions in partnership with local museums, libraries and archives;
  • aiding and promoting the work of select committees, including public meetings in the regions and increasing the range and volume of relevant evidence
  • highlighting the relevance of Parliament to individual regions and devolved areas

For further information on future events organised by the Parliamentary Outreach team, please visit their website.