How to stop junk faxes, junk mail and unwanted sales calls


Revised: 14 December 2008
Added 12 January 2005“Are you owed money?  We can collect your debts for you!”

More to the point, are you fed up of receiving faxes like these?  There’s a simple solution, and it’s free.

Under Government legislation introduced on 1 May 1999 it is unlawful to send an individual an unsolicited sales and marketing fax without prior permission. Businesses have the opportunity to register fax numbers on which they do not wish to receive direct marketing faxes.

You can do this by registering with the Fax Preference Service. Although this Service is primarily aimed at businesses, as individuals have protection under the legislation, individuals may also register their fax numbers if they wish.

You can also register your telephone numbers (both landlines and mobiles) with the Telephone Preference Service to stop unwanted sales calls. There is also a mailing preference service, but unfortunately this is only for residential addresses and not for the office. On the plus side, not having to struggle through piles of junk mail every morning should help you get to work on time.