Parliamentary Netball Team


A message from Caroline Dinenage MP:

Some of you may recall back in the dim, distant past of 2011, I ran a ‘Back to Netball’ course in partnership with England Netball for people working in Parliament.

Recently, prompted by a few enquiries from Members and staffers alike, I met with England Netball to discuss rebooting the programme. So this email is really about trying to get a feel for the level of interest.

The initial plan is to have a 10-12 week ‘Back to Netball’ plan of active coaching, ball-work and match play – ideally before work on a Tuesday or Wednesday. It doesn’t matter if you are a keen ‘net baller’, if you haven’t played since school, or ever! It will be for all ages, skill levels and finesses (trust me!!)

If there’s sufficient interest and enthusiasm, we could then look at setting up as an actual Parliament team, with a view to playing a few games and maybe even entering into a local league.

If you wish to take part, please email Caroline Dinenage.